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An automatic watering and fertilising system that supplies your plants with water even when you are not at home.

Vanlet consists of a tank in which water and fertiliser are automatically mixed, supply hoses, Y-pipe sections and drip rods through which the water-fertiliser mixture is fed to the plants.

The amount of water can be individually adjusted for each plant using the water regulation caps on the drip rods.


Important information:

Vanlet is an automatic drip irrigation and fertiliser system that provides your plants with virtually unlimited water, even when you are not at home
Vanlet has a capacity of 10 - 150 litres of water in 24 hours
Water and fertiliser are mixed in the main tank and fed directly to the plants through the distribution hose using drip wands
The required amount of water can be individually adjusted using the regulating plugs on the drip rods.
Vanlet consists of:
25 m distribution hose
30 drip rods
30 connecting pieces


SKU: F04201
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