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Shading net
Summers have been very hot in our regions recently and it is advisable to reduce the high temperatures in greenhouses by using shading netting. Shading nets can provide up to 80 % shade. The shading nets are simply stretched over the entire greenhouse and attached using a tensioning cord, eyelets and hooks. They are made of polyethylene and are UV-stabilised. The shade varies depending on the density.


The quick shade provider

The shading net is used to quickly and effectively shade your greenhouse so that your plants are not scorched by the sun on hot days and die. Unlike shading paint, you can attach the net only when needed and remove it again on less hot days, so that your plants always get just the right amount of sunlight. It is quick and easy to attach using spacers.

With this high-quality shading net for greenhouses, made of tear-resistant material, you can protect your plants from strong sunlight, storms, night frost and sudden rain.

The shade net is available as described below in the following two different sizes 150 cm x 370 cm and 183 cm x 259 cm in the colour green.

Make sure your plants are protected by always having a shade net to hand.

If you have any questions about the right choice of shade net, please call our purchasing advice service at any time.

Shading - 150 x 250 cm green

SKU: R04085
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